Award of Excellence
Scratchoff Recognition Program
Employee Survey

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1. Are you more interested in redeeming your points for:
    smaller prizes such as Level A
    larger prizes such as Level M or Z

2.  Yes  
If you are saving up to receive a gift at a higher award level, and your employer were to discontinue the program so that you could not receive any more points, would you be disappointed?

3.  Yes  

Are you receiving Scratchoffs and/or Award Points on a regular basis?

4.  Yes  

Do you understand how the Scratchoff/Point program works?

5.  Yes  

Do you know how to order gifts?

6.  Yes  

Do you have a catalog and price list?

7.  Yes
 Not Sure  

Are you pleased with the awards available?

8. Have you participated in any of these activities:
    Yes No  fill out a safetygram
    Yes No  make a suggestion
    Yes No  done a safety behavior observation
    Yes No  served as a safety committee member

9.  Yes

Did you know that you can call 800-275-9171 or email for questions about your order?

10.  Yes

Have you had contact with Award of Excellence Customer service?
If yes: By Phone     By Email

11.  Yes

If so, were they helpful in answering your questions?

12.  Yes

Do you know who the program coordinator at your company is? You can ask the program coordinator for information about the program.

13.  Yes

Are you aware that your company has free trips from Award of Excellence that you can enroll to win?